Build electric cars for everyone with Enrev

Technology development

Adapting your cars to your customers' needs and budget

For automotive manufacturers

Really willing to produce mass-market electric cars

Focusing on users

Enabling unbounded driving with flexible solutions

Enhanced range and economy with temporary batteries

Key concept

An electric car with a permanently-installed battery optimized for the usual utilization of the vehicle, supplemented with temporary batteries connected when needed. Battery swapping requires only a simple operation that can be done manually or automatically.

For the user

The optimization of the energy storage system reduces the price of the car, paying for additional capacity only when it is used. Battery swapping enables fast energy replenishment and the utilization of future battery improvements with the same car.

For manufacturers

The availability of temporary batteries reduces the risk in the design of the permanent battery, whereas a modular configuration enables their utilization in different car models. The investment in a swapping station can be gradually adjusted to its demand.